CREATIVE@HUBS in Puglia: public call to select 10 scholarships in agri-food markets

The University of Foggia, Department of Agricultural Sciences, Food, Natural Resources and Engineering, partner of Creative@hubs project launches a public call to select 10 scholarships for 5 months research activities in agri-food markets with a total remuneration of € 7,500.00.

The deadline for the submission is July 04, 2022. The selection will be based on qualifications and interview.

You can download the call at the following link:

The University is working on the definition of the operational model of the Apulian creative hubs that will be set up in Bari and Foggia; on their business model and on a Contamination lab on key issues including “correct eating habits” and “food storytelling”. The scholarships will be activated in the following topics:

  • SCHOLARSHIP A: “Economic analysis and food storytelling review”;
  • STUDY SCHOLARSHIP B: “Data collection and analysis, flour and wheat markets”;
  • SCHOLARSHIP C: “Analysis of value chain in the wine sector”; 
  • SCHOLARSHIP D: “Identification of communication strategies for the Observatory of tomato preserves”; 
  • SCHOLARSHIP E: “Identification of educational paths to promote correct eating habits”;
  • SCHOLARSHIP F: “Identification of educational paths to promote “civil food ”; 
  • SCHOLARSHIP G: “Identification of communication strategies for the Observatory of quality pasta production”; 
  • SCHOLARSHIP H: “Participatory formulation of intervention scenarios for the regeneration of landscapes affected by the expansion of Xylella fastidiosa infections in the South Salento area”; 
  • SCHOLARSHIP I: “Observatory of the excellent quality productions of extra virgin olive oil”;
  • SCHOLARSHIP L: “Co-design for the reuse of purified waste water”.

The project “CREATIVE@HUBS – Holistic networking of creative industries via Hubs” is a strategic action of the Interreg Greece-Italy Program carried out by the Region of Western Greece (Lead Partner), the Region of Epirus, the Region of the Ionian Islands and the Agriculture, Rural and Environmental Development Department of the Puglia Region.

In Puglia, the project activated a series of synergies between Apulian institutions, to foster research activities on two strategic chains for both countries: the agri-food and the creativity.