Interreg AI Smart in Greece for the requalification of Nydri port

Thanks to AI SMART project, the port of Nydri has started the redevelopment and modernization works of the existing port infrastructures.

Nydri is the busiest nautical tourist destination of Lefkada hosting several visitors and yachts every year. It’s an ideal destination for the sailing and yachting enthusiasts, offering a variety of touristic, commercial and fishery activities. Nydri port used to be a small local fishing port full of authentic character and charm, which evolved into a famous marina with ferry boat facilities. Small quays still exist forming a picturesque landscape. It belongs to Municipal Port Authority of Lefkafda and it provides daily ferry boat connections to Meganisi, Kefalonia and Ithaka islands.

AI SMART project aims at converting it into a green and innovative port for yachts and sailing boats that will relate to other small ports of the cross-border area. The implementation started after several technical meetings and on-site visits to the project area were successfully completed as well as measurements and mapping of the seabed using precision GPS and orthophotography. Construction works have started and continue at an intensive pace.

After the completion of the project, Nydri small port will be a modern shelter for tourist boats with approximately 73 seats for boats and yachts, up to 15 meters long and up to 4 meters functional depth, an organized maritime zone with supplies for water, electricity, garbage collection and an organized terrestrial zone with offices, info panels, petrol refueling station, station for disposal for crude oils, waste liquids, etc., 10-seat parking zone, green areas, which will be environmentally friendly, accessible to citizens and visitors in order to contribute to the general economic development of Lefkada island.