Project Summary

Palimpsest will introduce a new type of museum experience. When the project is fully developed, you will be able to explore urban landscapes, to activate our art installations and to immerse yourself in an interactive experience. You will be able to witness urban legends and stories come to life in a mixed reality setting.

Palimpsest project focuses on how cultural heritage assets can be reinserted in the city through digital technologies in Epirus and Puglia regions. Palimpsest addresses the common challenge of promoting tourism in less-developed areas, by animating the urban public space and recuperating cultural heritage assets through bottom-up, participatory procedures and artistic interventions.

Palimpsest will develop a localized archive of story-telling assets, which will lead to an interactive, immaterial, open-air Museum experience in the urban space of the city. The project will create a map in an App format, which will pinpoint the collected assets gathered by the participation of the elementary school pupils who will seek lost information regarding the city’s stories and legends, from elder people.

The University of Ioannina, School of Fine Arts, is the lead beneficiary of this project in cooperation with the Region of Epirus, the Municipality of Ioannina (as Associated Partner) and two Italian partners, the University of Bari and the Province of Lecce.
Budget € 900.000,00
Time From 15/05/2018 To 30/06/2021
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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