Project Summary

Have you ever wondered what the tourist or visitor is expecting from your Region?
The European Project CI-Novatec does it for you!
CI-Novatec project aim is to record and evaluate the visitors' experiences in Region of Western Greece, Epirus and Puglia, in relation to the services provided to them. The data will be collect through a mobile application which will provide results through questionnaire forms. The Client Intelligence Platform will categorize, analyze and extract useful conclusions. Through the knowledge of the tourist-visitor's response, managers will be able to improve their organization, the small-medium sized businesses will be strengthened and the members of the Regional Networks will be able to prepare themselves through training seminars, in order to satisfy the touristic requests.  
How data will be collected?
A mobile application will be downloaded and a list of questions will be answered by the tourist/visitor in order to depict the satisfaction or expectations during  the duration of visit. For example, the visitor will be able to answer if he is generally satisfied with the level of service that he has received, if the access to the city is affordable and accessible for disabled people, if he is satisfied by transportation services or what he would like to be improved by local authorities e.t.c  
Where do tourists express their opinions?
The selected pilot areas are Ancient Olympia which is the birthplace of Olympic Games and a world-wide destination for tourists, the coastal Nafpaktos & the mountainous Kalavryta, the Pramanta of Epirus with the Byzantines monasteries, Arta & Konitsa, Ostuni in Puglia which is one of the main touristic towns in Puglia, Monte Sant’Angelo and Ruvo di Puglia.    

The points where visitors will be able to express their impressions are the following:

  • businesses and touristic stakeholders, tour operators, hotels, guides, restaurants & cafes, transportation companies, commercial stores
  • points of interests, i.e Archeological museums, natural and cultural sites.
  • social events, i.e local festivals, exhibitions, gastronomic events.
Thanks to this project policy actors i.e Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Regions, managers of Archeological and Cultural sites will able to manage qualitative data regarding the touristic experience, and they improve the touristic services performance, by following the touristic suggestions.      


Interreg Ci-Novatec

Budget € 866.913,00 €
Time From 15/05/2018 To 30.09.2021
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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