Project Summary

The Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly an obvious threat to public health that requires a huge commitment by the Italian, Greek and international scientific community aimed at a deeper knowledge of both the molecular mechanisms that cause the pathological condition and the evolutionary characteristics of the virus genome pathogen SARS-CoV-2.

CoofHea2 project aims to:

  1. support Puglia Region and the Hospitals in the Greek eligible area to purchase the personal protective equipment and/or medical equipment (ventilators, beds, monitors, etc.);  
  2. share with the Greek hospitals and the Greek Ministry of Health the apulian platform of telemedicine/clinical remote assistance. This is an innovative system with lets the monitoring of patients forced to quarantine for Covid-19 in their home, in order to avoid the hospitals costs, thanks to the "HCasa", a clinical remote assistance platform and to give a possibility of "normal life" to the population affected but not in a very serious way. 
  3. realize a Memorandum of Understanding between Greek Ministry and Puglia Region in order  to homogenise the health activities in the eligible area and create a common interoperability standard for the home care. 
  4. develop from the Greek Ministry of Health of a new Health application & web collaboration platform where health professionals, from Greek, Italian and other European countries, may exchange best practices, on issues related to step-by-step procedures for infection control at point of care
  5. organize training sessions for the staff of the Ministry of Health, the experts & health professionals from the eligible area of the project in order to have a common methodology for the COVID-19.
Budget € 12.000.000,00
Time From 18.11.2021 To 30.10.2023
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness Targeted

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