Project Summary

F.A.M.E road project is build on the experience gained from Greenroad (, a Best Practice (result of a Project funded by the Apulia Region and implemented in the area of Taranto) for development of naturalistic and rural areas aiming at a sustainable growth based on the conservation and the valorization of the identity of target territories. The approach is holistic and participatory: cultural, naturalistic, economic and social aspects are all comprised in the planning and development of the activities of the model and in each phase of the project; moreover, local stakeholders are invited to participate and join to the processes, including individual citizens and tourists. The greenroad model is based on four pillars, the so called F.A.M.E. pillars, on which the actions of project are based on: Food, Art, Movement and Energy.

The overall objective of the project is to test and adjust a valorization model, starting from a previous best practice, applied in Apulia. The model aims at providing local stakeholders with competence, networking capability, sustainable strategies and tools to conserve and protect natural and cultural territorial assets and at the same time, promoting and developing economic and touristic activities based on the same assets. Municipality of Gravina is the lead partner in cooperation with Municipality of Grottaglie and Univesus Consortium on the Italian side and Municipality of Aigialeia and European Regional Framework for Cooperation on the Greek side.
Budget € 2.501.940,28 €
Time From 01.04.2019 To 31.03.2022
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

Project Partners

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