Project Summary

Fresh Ways has the general objective to promote sustainable transport solutions for high-quality fresh products, reducing the dependency on more harmful transport solutions (sea and road transport) and boosting economic growth in the interested areas.

The project aims to optimize existing passengers’ air routes to ship fresh products in the aircraft holds along with passengers transport between Italy and Greece. By intensifying exchanges between Italy and Greece, Fresh Ways project is willing to increase non-seasonal tourism and deepen south-south connections in the Mediterranean area of Europe.


  • Reduce the annual road freight transport loaded in the eligible area by 333 tons, avoiding intensive maritime and/or road transport solutions
  • Development of an integrated system to optimize freight management logistics from/to airports and reduce environmental impact of road and maritime transport in the eligible area
  • Increase of number of travelers between the two Countries throughout the year
  • Transfer main project findings (integrated model, project pilot actions, cross-border platform for logistic management, cross-border supply chin model) and possible best practices to other regions with similar needs
Budget € 2.228.644,75
Time From 31/07/2018 To 30/12/2022
Priority Axis Multimodal Sustainable Transport System

Project Partners

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