Project Summary

Recycling methods that add value to waste processing residues are of great interest, and it can be expected that the overall profit from waste processing may be increased by an efficient and sustainable waste stream-management. This project proposal aims to investigate the chemical composition, conservation methods, nutritive value and guidelines for incorporation of agro-industrial wastes in animal diets. It also covers aspects related to utilization of such wastes as a substrate for the generation of value-added products. It is expected that this proposal will promote conversion of wastes to resources and help generate opportunities for development. The recycling of these resources will economise on animal feed and also alleviate the environmental pollution associated with disposal of waste by products. The project is intended for use by extension workers, researchers, feed industries, food processing industries, NGOs, farmers’ associations, producers, policy-makers and science managers. Thus, the present project proposal evaluates the use of innovative feed from agro-industrial wastes in animal nutrition, by environmentally-friendly solutions, to improve animal health and quality of their products.
Budget € 602.725,25 €
Time From 01/04/2019 To 30/06/2022
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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