Project Summary

Investment project aims at delivering an e-platform supporting an ecosystem of innovative services, addressing the requirements of citizens, tourists and public transportation service providers, while offering, for the first time, a unified view of the – otherwise – fragmented transportation network between the region of Western Greece and Puglia (Bari, Taranto, Ostuni).

The e-platform is envisaged through data consolidation across all the involved means of transport and will support three core e-services:

  • a multimodal public transit route planner, computing and visualizing optimal end-to-end routes from any point A to any point B in the programme area (e.g., from Taranto to Olympia) using different modes of transportation (e.g., bus, train, ferry, urban bus, walking).
  • a multimodal tourist tour planner that will derive personalized daily tourist tours via selected attractions, where each tour comprises an ordered set of attractions that matches user preferences and accessibility requirements, and using public transport services to move from one location to another.
  • a decision support system identifying bottlenecks across the public transport network to assist public transport operators, planners and policy makers in performing selective improvements upon the network (e.g., timetable updates or establishment of new services/routes).

Investment approach goes far beyond the existing practice in the regions of Western Greece and Puglia by homogenizing the so far incompatible transport network data so as to support added-value transport-related services for citizens, tourists, transport operators.

Budget € 857.053,07
Time From 31/05/2018 To 31/01/2021
Priority Axis Multimodal Sustainable Transport System

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