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“Portolanes – Sustainable Development of Nautical Tourism and Enhancement of Small Ports of the Ionian Sea” aims to increase the nautical tourism that is an industry of high added value with strong growth trend in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. In general, nautical tourism is more popular during summertime, but if it is properly combined with other tourism activities it will have a positive impact for local economies and for regional economic growth.

The main objective is the preservation of marine and coastal environment that includes the natural resources which potentially interact with targeted nautical tourism activities and the protection of inland’s natural and cultural assets which are foreseen to be exploited by the cross-border tourism

Regional Union of the Provinces of Puglia-UPI PUGLIA is the Lead Partner of the project. The Italian partner is Confcommercio Puglia, while the three Greek partners are the Ministry of Tourism, Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus and Network Of European Cities For Sustainable Development.


Budget € 877.915,00
Time From 17/02/2020 To 31/12/2022
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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