Project Summary

BEST objective is to protect natural and cultural heritage, to restore biodiversity, natural, rural and coastal habitats in the interested Regions, to involve local stakeholders in cross-border activities and community pilot actions through the use of new technologies with a low environmental footprint, and the creation of new politics, products and services, thereby improving quality of life for citizens. Public administrations, businesses, research institutes and Universities, professional bodies, farmers and fishermen, environmentalists, parks, small and medium size tourist agencies (SMEs), down to individual citizens by means of their daily choices. Everyone is called upon to make their contribution towards development based on respect and caring for biodiversity. The Region of the Ionian Islands is the project leader: the other partners are the Region of Epirus and the Region of Western Greece and Puglia Region– Department of Mobility, Urban Quality, Public Works, Ecology and Landscape.
Budget € 5.380.000,00
Time From 01.07.2019 To 30.06.2023
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management Targeted

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