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Light, Camera, Action!
Ciak project aims to improve and promote the touristic attractiveness of the area of Puglia, Region of Epirus, Region of Ionian Islands and Region of Western Greece through initiatives linked to the audiovisual sector.
Do you know that culture and heritage is a primary motivation for more than 50% of travels?
Thanks to Ciak, the valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage through short movies, documentaries, fiction, animations about the common story of Italy and Greece will increase the awareness on the image of these territories and will support a cross-border creative industry sector. Ciak will enable policymakers from tourism and screen sectors to work together for the first time, closing the knowledge gap in understanding the economic benefits of cross sector collaboration for their regions, implementing new models to promote cultural and natural heritage through audio-visual products.                                                                                                                                                                     CIAK will implement several cross-borders activities such as:
  • “Memory” consisting in the executive production of 10 short movies about the common story of Italy and Greece; this task is given to young under-35 directors coming from the involved territories, in order to make them active protagonists of their own lands’ cultural development
  • “Greece-Apulia Experience”, a screenwriting itinerant workshop between Puglia and Greece involving location scouting activities
  • Support to several Festivals in the project area focused on cinema to promote the distribution of Greek and Italian movies in each country.
Interreg Ciak
Budget € 888.796,70
Time From 16.04.2018 To 28.02.2021
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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  • 45 submissions for International call Memory for young artists
    CIAK Memory international call has been closed, on 28 February 2019 with a total of 45 finalized submissions! The international call will identify at least 10 economic operators (under-35 director born or resident in Puglia Region or in one of the Greek regions of Epirus, Western Greece and Ionian Islands), who will realize a short movie, each with duration of no less than 10 minutes and no more than 15 minutes, about the common history between Italy and Greece, with contemporary setting telling stories, characters and places with the ambition to determine today the signals of what we will be tomorrow.      
    45 submissions for International call Memory for young artists