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Mosaic, fabric, ceramic: promoting common artistic heritage of Puglia and Greece through youth entrepreneurship!
These are the main areas of interest of Craft Lab project, that aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit in the young and creation of start-up through the rediscovery of ancient professions and crafts in the fields of ceramics, mosaics and fabrics, giving value to the cultural identity of Puglia and the Ionian Islands. Young artists and designers, art professionals and "craft angels" will be the protagonists of the "experience labs", itinerant creativity laboratories set up in 6 residences between Puglia and the Ionian Islands in Greece, aimed to combine traditional craftsmanship with technology and design, by blending in a synergetic way the arts of the past with the modern innovations.      


Interreg Craft Lab

Budget € 889.606,00
Time From 16/04/2018 To 15/04/2020
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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