Project Summary

The project main objective is to introduce sustainable technologies and processes to manage wastewater disposal, with the final aim of reducing marine pollution caused by the effluents derived from water treatment, and improve the quality of the sewerage treatment plants.

More precisely, the project aims to prevent marine pollution and improve the quality of effluents. By doing so, recycled water will be used in other sectors, in full compliance with the European regulations. Two pilot actions will be carried out in the two Municipalities involved in the project, Gallipoli in Puglia Region and Patras in Western Greece Region.

Acquedotto Pugliese S.P.A. leads the project partnerships which includes, on the Italian side, the Municipality of Gallipoli, the Polytechnic University of Bari; while, on the Greek side, the partners involved are the Municipality of Patras, the Special Account for Research Grants of the University of Patras. The Water Resources Section of Puglia Region and the Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Sewerage of Patras will participate as associated partners.

Budget € 818.059,92
Time From 15/05/2018 To 14/05/2020
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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