Project Summary

AI SMART Project aims to develop a common port network in the Adriatic-Ionian area based on the concept of "intelligent, green and integrated ports" enabling setting new green routes that can connect regional small ports in the cross-border countries involved. The project promotes the potentiality of the short sea routes, as integral and complementary part of intermodal TEN-T corridors, for a sustainable and inclusive transport services, in accordance with the objectives of the European 2030 Strategy for intelligent growth based on valorization of the natural and landscape resources of both coasts and hinterland. The project will increase the competitiveness of the regions involved, working on four directions:
  • raise the quality of port services provided to users;
  • create supplementary and advance tourist services that focus on high quality;
  • set up common port networks for "green, inclusive and sustainable" short-sea corridors
  • enhance awareness of the protection of the local port network in support of the maritime sector
Expected results
  • Mapping of port services/facilities and their networking in a virtual cross-border platform
  • Mapping of land transport services and the connections between them and the port hubs
  • Set-up of an ICT Platform Services for real time exchange information on multimodal traffic services at cross-border level
  • Definition of set of indicators and high quality objectives (standards) for "green, sustainable and inclusive" transport services to be adopted by ports and port infrastructures at cross border level
  • Definition of self-assessment tools for managers or public officials with competences on port facilities of the Port Network.
  • Implementation of a Priority Matrix of infrastructural and non-infrastructural interventions as governance tools for the development of green corridors in the cross-border area
  • Identification of legislative bottlenecks for land-sea transport services
  • Implementation of key-infrastructural interventions for requalification of port areas functional to the new the cross-border network (Mytikas, Nafpaktos, Nydri, Otranto, Mola di Bari)
  • Creation of tourist multimodal itineraries for "green, inclusive and sustainable" tourism;
  • Promotion of two pilot actions for multimodal transport connection exploiting the potentiality of short-sea routes in the cross-border area
  • Implementation of a permanent monitoring protocol of coastal and port areas addressing tourist pressure and monitoring tourism demand for short-sea connections
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Budget € 17.250.000
Time From 11.07.2019 To 10.07.2023
Priority Axis Multimodal Sustainable Transport System Targeted

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