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CoHeN is a strategic project that aims to promote cultural slow tourism through the valorization of the Adriatic-Ionian coastal system of historical and contemporary buildings, their natural contexts and the related economic and cultural activities. Thanks to this project, 17 selected monuments (6 in Puglia and 11 in Greece)  will be renovated in order  to become cultural hubs for activities, services and exhibitions. The valorization of Apulian coastal cultural heritage will be achieved through the restoration of six historical watchtowers and lighthouses built between XVI and XVIII century to create an “early warning system” against pirates' attacks.
  • The tower of San Felice in the municipality of Vieste, dated 1540, is the most oriental tower of Gargano area and has a height of 11 meters.
  • The tower of Torre Pietra faces the saltpan of Margherita di Savoia. It was used as a fortification and it took its name from the promontory of San Nicolas de Petra.
  • The Calderina tower in the municipality of Molfetta is situated in the centre of the homonymous avifaunistic protected area and it is visually connected with UNESCO heritage site Castel del Monte.
  • The lighthouse of San Cataldo in Bari (engineer Pietro Palermo, 1863-1867) has a height of 61 meters and preserves the first Marconi wireless telegraphy station that connected Bari and Antivari in Montenegro.
  • The lighthouse of Punta Palascìa in Otranto (engineer Achille Rossi, 1863-1867) is situated about 70 km from the Albanian coast and about 100 km from the Ionian Islands.
  • The tower of San Giovanni in the Municipality of Ugento is the first watchtower built in the land of Otranto during the Spanish viceroy and it became a lighthouse in 1932.
These buildings will become stages of a public network of maritime architectures, hosting permanent exhibitions/artworks/art installations evoking recent and ancient stories related to the Adriatic and Ionian Seas. For these reasons, the buildings will be adapted as small public spaces with the functions of: reception, exhibition, meetings or workshops spaces.
Budget € 6.425.000,00
Time From 30.07.2019 To 30.12.2022
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management Targeted

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