Interreg Cohen: work in progress in Vieste for San Felice Tower

The San Felice Tower in the Municipality of Vieste will be restored and made accessible to the public thanks to “CoHeN – Coastal Heritage Network”, a project that aims to create the Adriatic-Ionian coastal route between the Puglia Region and Greece.

The survey and the historical-archival survey allowed a first analysis of the coastal defensive system and the typological characteristics of the tower which showed three construction phases of the monument, starting from 1540 to today.

The research phase was fundamental for the restoration project, in full compliance with the principles of compatibility and minimum intervention, checked by Soprintendenza Archeologica, Belle Arti e Paesaggio.

During the last weeks, the infrastructural started with the activities of removing plaster, systems, window fixtures and extensions.

The removal of the plaster revealed information on the different uses of the tower. In the central room on the ground floor, characterized by a particular cotto tile vault, the presence of the typical layers of the water deposit indicated it used to be as a cistern. The signs of ash suggested the use of fire in the first floor rooms.

From the tower it is possible to enjoy a privileged view towards the Arch of San Felice.

Cohen project aims to protect the cultural heritage of Greece-Italy territories, through the restoration of towers and lighthouses along the Adriatic-Ionian coast. The renovated multifunctional spaces will be available for cultural and creative activities.
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