Project Summary

Cross the gap project’s main goal is to create new models of intervention to sustain social inclusion of people with disabilities in Italy and Greece, by combining physical accessibility and broader fruition of cultural activities.

On the one hand, the project wants to ensure full accessibility to cultural and historic sites, through concrete infrastructural works, aimed at demolishing any barrier to the free movement of visitors.

On the other hand, the project will favour the active social inclusion of people with disabilities, by facilitating the overtaking of mental barriers that obstructs the involvement of people with special needs in cultural life at local and international level.

Theatre laboratories involving people with disabilities will be organized at cross-border level, and internationally renowned theatre companies working with people with special needs will be invited to perform their shows in Italy in order to raise awareness on the fruitful involvement of the project target beneficiaries in cultural and social life.

Budget € 2.128.463,90
Time From 31/05/2018 To 30/11/2021
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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