Kick-off meeting of Cross the gap project: favouring the accessibility of archaeological and cultural sites to people with special needs

On the 20th November 2018 in the historic setting of the City Library of the Municipality of Bitonto, the press conference to launch the cross-border cooperation project “Cross the gap – Accessibility for social and cultural inclusion” was held. The project is funded by the Interreg V-A Greece–Italy 2014-2020 Programme, with a total budget of 2.128.463,90 EUR.

The Municipality of Bitonto leads the project partnership, composed of the Municipality of Lecce, Factory Theatre Transadriatic Company, the Region of Western Greece and the Municipality of Thermo. The Ephorate of antiques of Ilia (Ministry of Culture) takes part to the project as associated partner.

The overall objective of CROSS THE GAP, financed  with a total budget of 2.128.463,90 euro, is to favour the accessibility of archaeological and cultural sites to a wider audience, including people with disabilities and people with special needs. This objective will be achieved not only through infrastructure works aimed at demolishing barriers and obstacles to the free movement of visitors, but also though the creation of virtual tours and the augmented reality and the organization of theatre workshops especially conceived for people with special needs. These actions will contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and less prejudices social environment and increase the citizens’ quality of life. In detail, the Municipalities interested by these interventions will be Bitonto and Lecce, on the Italian side; and Thermo and the Ilia Region on the Greek side.