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Fish&Chips is focused on sea, fishing, maritime traditions and aims to promote the archaeological and cultural heritage of the area of Taranto in Puglia and the island of Corfu in Greece, creating concrete opportunities for diversification of fishing communities’ economic activities and seasonal adjustment.

Fish&Chips project was born from the needs of the fishermen communities of Puglia and Greece to start a process of development of their territories increasing the value of the coastal and marine environment’s cultural heritage.  As a matter of fact, the involved areas are characterized by a widespread presence of both cultural elements (archaeological, architectural, both emerged and submerged) and cultural intangible materials (crafts, traditions, events), proving the intense interaction between man and coastal environment over the centuries. F

Thanks to this project, an Ecomuseum will be realised in Taranto and Corfu, where exhibitions, experimental archaeological workshops on naval carpentry, fishing nets, traps and purple production as well as tasting labs to re-discover the ancient fish recipes will be organised. Visitors can experiment new itineraries through the use of canoes and traditional vessels, guided by archaeologists and fishers to the discovery of aquaculture facilities and traditional fishing techniques. Also the Map of Cultural Heritage, a database collecting tangible and intangible maritime elements of the project area, will be created and made available for web users.

The University of Foggia, Department of Human Sciences, is the lead beneficiary of this project in cooperation with two Italian partners- Puglia Region, Department for Economy of Culture, Tourism and Valorization of Territory and the Italian General Confederation of Enterprises, Professions and Self-employment of Taranto- and two Greek partners- the Ionian University and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Corfu. Associated partners are the National Archaeological Museum of Taranto MarTA and the Fisherman’s Association of Petritis (Corfu).

Budget € 904.639,48
Time From 30/04/2018 To 31/01/2021
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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