Discover the cultural routes of Petritis Ecomuseum in Corfu

These beautiful pictures show the route connecting the fishing village of Petritis in Corfu with the old settlement of Korakades and the historic villages of the hinterland.

The path begins at the Petritis Information Centre, where visitors can learn more about the Eco-museum and its cultural routes developped within Interreg Fish&Chips project. Located nearby is the manor house of the Palatianos family, a three-storey mansion with a roof representing a typical example of a Corfiote rural manor house built during the Venetian era (1386-1797).

The only thing now remaining of the manor house is a single-nave church dedicated to the Virgin Mary Blachernae, dating back to the 16th century. By following the old roads taken by fishermen and farmers, you reach the mostly abandoned settlement of Korakades.

Through the century-old olive trees, you reach the traditional settlement of Chlomos, where Petritis fishermen sold the best part of their catch. From the stronghold position of the settlement at the top of the hill, one can observe the shores of Corfu and Korission Lagoon.

Have a look at the different fishing tools and ask the fishermen to explain the techniques they use.