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Health tourism: an innovative touristic product between Greece and Italy

InMed-Tour – “Innovative Medical Tourism Strategy” promotes an innovative and increasing kind of tourism called “health tourism”, which consists of associating health travel with the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the area you visit, through a touristic package that takes into account the needs of the patient and his partner.

The so-called "medical" tourism represents an innovative touristic offer, because it gives the possibility for the relatives of those who are sick, to enjoy the area by considering the needs of patients and tourists.

The project will deliver a cross-border effort for bringing together the health and research industries with the local enterprises, through the creation of a modern e-Cluster, where medical information from both countries will be stored for the exchange of know-how and good practices.

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Budget € 897.703,80
Time From 10/12/2017 To 30/06/2021
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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