Project Summary

The project aims to promote Small and Medium Enterprises operating in the Agri-food sector. The aim is to connect the businesses of the Agri-food Sector which act into the Region of Ionian Islands and the one in Apulia Region and to create a network which will specialize the knowledge related to this sector by creating a new policy strategy and protocols. The project will be created:
  1. cross border Thematic Living Labs
  2. a cross border umbrella living Lab to control them
  3. powerful Electronic Innovation Node-Agrifood Toolbox to provide all services.
Initially, they will bring together the existing data of the primary and secondary sectors related to businesses in the agri-food sector. This knowledge will then be further specified by setting out a new policy for the promotion of agri-food products, focusing on innovation and in the Agrifood sector- Agrifood Value Chain Identification- Diagnosis.
Budget € 899.473,35
Time From 10.04.2018 To 28.02.2021
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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