Interreg Innonets: workshop on the reduction of food waste

The workshop “Planning the reduction of food waste” takes place in Bisceglie on 17 January from 10 a.m. to, in the Castle.

The initiative is part of InnoNets – Innovative Networks for the Agrifood Sector project, a cycle of events on the topic of contrast to food waste, organized by Puglia Region and ARTI – Regional Agency for Technology and Innovation – in collaboration with Legacoop Puglia and Politecnico di Bari.

This appointment will be an opportunity to explore the different aspects of innovation in agri-food SMEs with a particular focus on contrast on food waste and to present the “Living Labs: Zero Food Waste” which will involve local actors engaged daily on these issues.

After the greetings of Angelantonio Angarano, Mayor of Bisceglie and Tania Guerra of the Research, Innovation and Institutional Capacity Section of Puglia Region, two sessions are scheduled: from 10.00 to 12.30 the focus of the project will be discussed with representatives of Innonets partners: Valeria Patruno, ARTI “Reduction of food waste”, Carmelo Rollo, Legacoop Puglia “Innovation manager in agri-food SMEs”, Carmelo M. Torre and Alessandro Bonifazi Polytechnic of Bari “Food strategies for the cities of Puglia”.

At the end, Ciheam Bari will conclude the session with the presentation of the “Survey on innovation needs in agri-food sector: circular economy and reduction of food waste”.

In the afternoon, from 01.30 p.m to 03.00 p.m., there will be the presentation of the Living Lab program on the contrast on food waste by InnovaPuglia. Then the experiences on the territory will be told by: Roberta Rigante, Minister for Social Policies of the Municipality of Bisceglie; Patrizia Cormio, Minister for Social Services of the Municipality of Trani; Alessandro Attolico, Coordinator of the Social plan office of Trani-Bisceglie; Franco Mastrogiacomo, Recuperiamoci Bisceglie and Francesco Barile, Buon Samaritano Institute.