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Polysemi will create an innovative model of sustainable literary tourism through the creation of a Park of literary travels in Greece and Magna Graecia. Bari, Taranto and the islands of the Ionian archipelago will become the stages of fascinating itineraries on the steps of travelers-writers that those places have traveled and described. Nature, history, art, folklore and literature will be the ingredients of these tourist proposals, aimed at enhancing and promoting good practices of economic and territorial development.

An internet portal dedicated to the Park will give space to a section dedicated to tourist-cultural itineraries and will also host a digital library with travel literature texts to promote the historical-cultural heritage shared by Italy and Greece.

Finally, there will be specific sections for cultural and tourist promotion of places. Through an app-mobile for the traveler, but also for the local populations, will be possible to have, in real time, cultural, naturalistic and tourist information on the places of POLYSEMI.

A network of stakeholders will be created, composed of cultural and tourist operators in synergy with local enterprices (hospitality, crafts, food and wine, agriculture, cultural associations, art galleries, museums, guides, etc.) that can freely join the Park Network . International study conferences, art exhibitions, theater workshops, tourist-literary training courses are others of the many activities that will animate the project area.

Thanks to these initiatives, the places in the area will be promoted and valorized by exploiting the sustainable tourism economy and thanks to the rediscovering of history and culture.

Budget € 899.650,20
Time From 14/02/2018 To 31/12/2020
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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