Interreg Polysemi: theatrical performance in Taranto on 29 february

Interreg Polysemi organizes “Rotte letterarie”, a theathical performance of the ancient history of Taranto. Three professional actors and performers, ETHRA e SOCIAL LAB, will narrate the most important episodes of the ancient history of Taranto, emphasizing the Mediterranean nature of its origins, among the ancient sources, tales and testimonies of historiographer, geographer and travellers.

The event will take place in the Archeological Area of Taranto Sotterranea on 29 February (h. 18.30).

In addition, it will be possible to see a documentary film, “ Decameron Jonicus”, that represents Boccaccio’s story in a modern and original way, in order to create a bridge between Puglia and the Ionian islands,

During the event, guided tours will be available to combine the literary study with archaeological knowledge.