Project Summary

Regions of Puglia and Western Greece both have important agricultural sectors mainly dominated by micro enterprises and individual professionals, often lacking the means and capabilities to create innovative products of higher added value. At the same time there are low exploitation rates of untapped business potential concerning the creative economy, particularly in tourism, marketing and social innovation. Through the operation of two business incubators in the project’s intervention areas, Bari (Italy) and Aigio (Greece), the adoption of new models of cross-innovation and the promotion of actions involving clusters and co-operations, the project is expected to highlight the importance of synergy between the creative industry and the agri-food sector. The project is thus called upon to address some of the common challenges of the two regions, such as:
  • The targeted search, identification and matching of new business ideas with the project’s intervention areas’ real business needs.
  • The limited synergy of local entrepreneurship with the agri-food, cultural and creative sectors.
  • Low indicators of new services and innovative products development in the creative industries sector.
  • Poor external market orientation and low level of internationalization of the agri-food sector.
Creative Camps partnership consists of the Municipality of Bari (Lead Beneficiary), the Apulian Public Theatre Consortium, the Municipality of Aigialeia, Ilia Chamber and Ciheam Bari.
Budget € 854.919,43
Time From 28/02/2019 To 27/02/2021
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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