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"Hermes - Heritage Rehabilitation as Multiplier cultural Empowerment within Social contest" is an infrastructure project that aims to strengthen the synergy between public and private institutions to promote and enhance the common socio-cultural identity of Greece and Italy through integrated interventions that include infrastructure works in disused archaeological and rocky sites, accessibility interventions and innovative cultural projects planned and managed in a sustainable way. Hermes focuses on 3 main themes: accessibility, creative industry and the  and historical heritage, in order to develop a cross-border community identity and to produce a virtuous circle of cross-border cultural awareness and thus increase the sustainable cultural tourism offer.

Municipality of Fasano is the Lead Partner of the project in cooperation with Apulian Public Theatre, Apulian Regional Directorate Museums, Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sport – Ephorate of Antiquities of Arta and University of Ioannina - Research Committee. Associated partner, the Department of Tourism, Economy of Culture and Territorial Enhancement of Puglia Region.

Budget € €2.624.107,23
Time From 20/05/2019 To 19/05/2022
Priority Axis Integrated Environmental Management

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