HERMES Project: public calls to select students for “Music and Theatre Lab Experience”

Two initiatives for 25 students between 15 and 18 years old promoted by the Municipality of Fasano, in partnership with the Cultural Association “Le Nove Muse”.

Applications by 5th December 2021

There is time until 5th December 2021 to apply for the two workshops, “Lab Experience – Music and Theatre”, organised in the framework of the project “HERMES: Heritage Rehabilitation as Multiplier cultural Empowerment within Social context”.

The calls (in Italian language) are online on the institutional website of the Lead Beneficiary – Municipality of Fasano (

The initiative, completely free of charge, is targeted at young people aged between 15 and 18 years old belonging to the Secondary Schools of the Municipality of Fasano.

Young people who do not fall within the age range of reference may also be admitted, provided that they are attending high schools. 15 young students will be admitted for the music workshop and 10 for the theatre workshop.

Participants will be selected through a special audition.

The workshops will offer young participants an experience of knowledge and sharing of their inner world through body games, relationships with the group and poetic suggestions that arise from the relationship between the purity of their gaze and the world (places: city/spaces/architectures/rural context and relations: friendship/feelings/family/community).

The Programme:

Music workshop

– 14 meetings

– Experts: M° Giuseppe Sabatelli, M° Silvestro Sabatelli, M° Vincenzo Deluci

The music workshop will be divided into instrumental and electronic practice. The electronic music group will deal with programming of biofeedback machines giving rise to new melodies created by plants. The instrumental group will study instrumental techniques derived from classical art and reshaped for modern use, and the instrumental group, on the other hand, will study instrumental techniques derived from classical art and remodelled for modern use, as well as exploring certain aspects linking music to natural sounds.

Theatre workshop

– 25 meetings

– Experts: Paolo Morga

The theatre workshop includes an introductory part that shows how the two territories identified (Greece and Apulia) are inextricably linked by deep roots and a second part that, through the active participation of the participants, envisages the drafting of a plot of texts, odes and verses in which it is easy to see the magnificence of our land and therefore the urgency to protect it, without prejudice to its peculiarities.