Hermes Project in Fasano: presentation “Lab Experience Music and Theatre”

Music and theatre to connect Italy and Greece and create, through the power and different languages of the arts, a bridge of connection between Fasano and Arta, the Hellenic city that has so much in common with the territory of Puglia. 

Interreg “Hermes – Heritage Rehabilitation as Multiplier cultural Empowerment within Social contest” presents the workshop “Lab Experience Music and Theatre” on Saturday, March 5, at 6:00 p.m., at the Social Theatre in Fasano.

The initiative is part of the events belonging to “Radici Pulsanti” (“Pulsing roots”) cultural programme, promoted within the project “Hermes”, that aims to strengthen the synergy between public and private institutions to promote and enhance the common Greek and Apulian socio-cultural and territorial identity, through integrated interventions that include infrastructural works in disused archaeological/rupestrian sites and innovative cultural projects planned and managed in a sustainable way. 

In line with the project objectives, the proposed workshops have in common a research work of the historical, cultural, human and natural roots of the territory, conducted through a path that aims to develop the choreographic-theatrical expressiveness of the users, thus enhancing the potential of the creative industry of the area.

The workshop “LAB EXPERIENCE – MUSIC” is curated by Giuseppe Sabatelli, Silvestro Sabatelli and Vincenzo Deluci. The music workshop will be divided into instrumental and electronic practice. The electronic music group will deal with the programming of biofeedback machines, giving rise to new melodies created by plants. The instrumental group, on the other hand, will be engaged in the study of instrumental techniques derived from classical art and reshaped for modern use and in deepening some aspects that link music to natural sounds. 

The workshop “LAB EXPERIENCE – THEATRE” is directed by Paolo Morga. The theatrical laboratory foresees an introductory part that denotes how much the two individuated realities (Greece and Apulia) are indissolubly tied by deep roots, and a second part that, through the active participation of the participants, foresees the drawing up of a plot of texts, odes, verses, in which it is easy to see the magnificence of our land and therefore the urgency to protect it without prejudice to its peculiarities.

The final restitution of the two workshops will be held Saturday April 10th 2022 at the Social Theatre of Fasano at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. respectively.