Project Summary

The overall objective of the TAGs project is to strengthen the transfer of technical-scientific innovations from research and innovation centers to enterprises of agro-food sector in order to enhance their competitiveness through a set of services that will help them to increase productivity and improve efficiency in the use of resources.


Starting from the state of art of precision farming technologies and services at national and EU level, a set of solutions able to ensure a significant increase in farm productivity with more environment-friendly processes (e.g. reduction in water and chemical product use) will be developed. The effectiveness of the solutions will be evaluated through the implementation of two different demonstrators in due different companies in Puglia and West Greece Regions.


The Lead beneficiary is the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) – Agriculture and Environment Research Centre (AA) in Bari (Italy), while the project partners are: the European Research Center for Technologies Design and Materials (CETMA) in Brindisi (Italy), the Local Action Group “Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento” (GAL) in Putignano, the Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece (TEIWEST in Patras) and the Region of Western Greece.

Budget € 885.385,77
Time From 15/05/2018 To 15/11/2021
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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