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The project aims to develop E-government services for business (G2B), tailored to the needs of local enterprises of Western Greece and Puglia regions, that will assist the smart match-making between demand and supply of innovation. The project will deliver a set of innovative support and management tools for specific areas of Western Greece and Puglia in the fields of agro-business, tourism, culture, information and communication technologies. Young entrepreneurs will be provided a marketplace to explore their ideas further and potential investors will be able to find appropriate guidance for planning their investments. The local economical authorities will gain valuable insight of the markets through an international research, and innovative tools will gather, process and analyze market data in order to support them in the development planning and added value to the local economies and job creation.  
Budget € 722.208,14
Time From 31/5/2018 To 31/10/2020
Priority Axis Innovation & competitiveness

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