Creative@Hubs: training workshops in Aetoloakarnania for creative industries

The Chamber of Aetoloakarnania, organized  in Agrinio on 12 and 30 January 2 workshops entitled: “Glass painting” and “The art of pottery – Techniques for Creating, Decorating & Glazing Souvenirs from Clay”, within Creative@Hubs project.

The first one, attended by 24 people, aimed at getting acquainted with painting and its materials, understanding all the stages of creating a work on glass surfaces

The expert Mrs. Matina Skepetari presented two techniques: the reverse image and the transparent technique.

The first one includes the use of acrylic paints and it is used only for decoration such as for shop windows, glass, frames, while the second one is used for special paints for glass (enamel), which make them  usable for glass objects such as glasses, plates, bottles that are not damaged if the material is washed. 

Then, the participants then had the opportunity to try painting on glass themselves, by applying what they learnt during the workshop making their own creations. 

The second technique aimed at getting acquainted with the art of pottery, the techniques of creating and decorating souvenirs.

The experts , Mrs. Fotini Katsira and Mrs. Karina Kotova, after welcoming the 34 attendees, presented  the art of ceramics, how it was discovered and how it is used from antiquity until today to create objects that can be either useful or decorative. 

The participants had the chance to create clay items by specific techniques [“pinching” and “bisqoui” (semi-finished)]. They learnt, also,  the technique of glazing used for ceramic utensils, that once painted, will be dipped in a special liquid glass in order to proceed with the process of the second baking.

The workshops organized by the Chamber of Aetoloakarnania are the concrete reply to the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) needs.

Infact, a research carried out during 2020 by the Institute of Regional Development – Panteion University, in the Regional Unit of Aetoloakarnania shown that the local creative industries can contribute to the local economic development however, they lack of significant skills as creativity, the economic strategy and the creation of innovative business models in order to tackle to the rapid digitization of the industry and the rapid emerging of new technologies.

You can see the workshops on Facebook Chamber’s page .