Olive oil as an innovative form of tourism: event in Preveza

Preveza Chamber, as Lead Beneficiary of the cross-border project: “AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET – ”Certification of Authenticity and Development of a Promotion Network olive products in the across border GREECE – ITALY area”, organizes a a symposium focused on “Olive oil Tourism a promising form of alternative in Preveza” aiming to highlight the cultivation of olives as a valuable natural and human-made tourist resource for the promotion of alternative forms of tourism and the development of olive tourism routes in the Region Unit of Preveza.

The event will take place on Saturday 18 December 2021 at 18:00 – 21:00, at “Margarona Royal Hotel”, in Preveza.

Special guest to the event will be Ms Sofia Zacharaki, Deputy Minister of Tourism with the participation of representatives of Local and Regional Authorities, local Tourism Representative Associations, and other stakeholders. The event will include 3 main activities: Olive Oil Testing Event knowledge, Gastronomy Event with local dishes and recipes based on local dishes and recipes based on local varieties of olive oils.

The main aim of the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project is the development of innovative and integrated methods, tools, and services for the certification and promotion of the authenticity of olive oil the producers, standardizers and distributors of olive oil in the common cross-border Greece-Italy.

Preveza Chamber strongly believes that the promotion of the extra virgin local olive oils from Preveza will improve the local gastronomy and he development of olive tourism paths in the area.