Authentic-Olive-net: local olive oil promotion events in Parga and Preveza

Preveza Chamber, as Lead Beneficiary of the cross-border project: “AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET – ”Certification of Authenticity and Development of a Promotion Network olive products in the across border GREECE – ITALY area”, organizes a Local Olive Oil Events in Parga and Preveza aiming at the promotion of the extra virgin olive oils produced from local varieties in the common cross-border area of GREECE-ITALY, via the local gastronomy.

More specifc, the events will take place:

  • On Saturday 21/08/2021 at 20:00 – 22:00, at the Old Olive Oil Mil “Paragaea”, (K. Tzavela 19 Str), in Parga.
  • On Sunday 22/08/2021 at 20:00 – 22:00, in the Marina of Preveza.

The main aim of the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project is the development and provision of innovative and integrated methods, tools, and services for the certification and promotion of the authenticity of olive oil the producers / standardizers / distributors of olive oil in the common cross-border area GREECE-ITALY.

The participation in the above events by physical presence of the guests will be limited, due to the restriction measures to protect public health from the pandemic of Covid-19. For this reason the events will be broadcast live online for those who wish to attend them remotely, and in particular through the following websites and social accounts of the AUTHENTIC-OLIVE-NET project and Preveza Chamber:Επιμελητήριο-Πρέβεζας-185727005551068

Preveza Chamber believes that the promotion of the extra virgin olive oils from Preveza via the local gastronomy could contribute decisively to the total growth of the local economy but also to the upgrading of the provided tourism product. For this reason it invites all stakeholders and companies from the agri-food and tourism sector to participate in the above events either with physical presence or via internet.