Greece-Italy Monitoring Committee Approved 41 Projects

On 7th november 2017, during the meeting held in Taranto, (Italy), the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Monitoring Committee approved 41 projects, which have passed the quality assessment of the first call for proposals, out of 192 eligible applications. The selected projects shall be now subject to further checks before the final approval.

16 projects have been approved under Priority Axis 1 – Innovative and Competitiveness, out of 64 eligible applications, covering topics of support services and developing clusters across borders to foster competitiveness, supporting the incubation of innovative specialized micro and small enterprises.

19 projects have been approved under Priority Axis 2 – Integrated Environmental Management, out of 109 eligible applications. With regard to the promotion of the sustainable valorisation and preservation of natural and cultural heritage, the selected projects address the valorisation of cultural, traditional and environmental heritage; the improvement of joint management and governance plans for biodiversity of coastal and rural ecosystems; the development and testing of innovative technologies and tools to reduce marine and air pollution.

Finally, 6 projects have been approved under Priority Axis 3 – Multimodal Sustainable Transport System, out of 19 eligible projects. These projects tackle the promotion of intermodal transport, the improvement of low-carbon transport system including, maritime transport, ports and airport infracstructures, the enhance of the regional mobility, the improvement of the cross-border coordination among transport stakeholders.


Fig. 1 – Funded Projects divided by Specific objectives

Source: MA/JS data processing – Ranking list

The funded projects have a financial demand of just slightly higher than the economic resources of the call. The total budget required is, in fact, € 53,600,401.48, that is € 452,217.48 more than the call.

Interreg Greece-Italy Programme will offer the grant only to those selected applications, which will positively pass the additional checks.

All lead beneficiaries, financed and not funded, will be notified via mail.

Have a look at the projects approved in the first call for proposals.. The temporary list of approved projects can be downloaded here.