Interreg Creative@hubs: 24 workshops for creative businesses

One more business meeting was held in Messolonghi on 14 June 2021, at Chrysogelou Building by the Chamber of Commerce of Aetoloakarnania, for planning the implementation of 24 seminars, consulting workshops for creative businesses and entrepreneurs and professionals in the cultural industry within the strategic project Creative@Hubs in collaboration with “Polis Production” and the “Philological Art Association of Messolonghi”

The development opportunities created by the implementation of the program and the creation of the 2 hubs in Aitoloakarnania and the development of synergies with institutions, associations, professionals, organizations are the key issues of 24 seminars. The common goal is the transmission of experiences, knowledge, techniques, strategies, innovative practices and models, in order increase the competitiveness and create conditions for business growth and development of creative business enterprises and the development of a common vision for the cultural industry and the place.

The representative of the company “Polis Production” and the representative of the “Philological Art Association of Messolonghi”, expressed positively for the continuation of contacts within the strategic project CREATIVE @ HUBS.

At the same time, they expressed their ideas and mature thoughts for the implementation of actions together. During the discussion it was decided to hold a workshop with a central theme of the transitional stages from the idea to the implementation of a historical documentary which will include the basic tools that will structure it (direction, setting, place-time, music linked to the historicity of the event) and which will be held outside the Chrysogelos building with the appropriate logistical equipment. The realization of a workshop with a thematic axis the theater and the ancient tragedy, through their evolution in time.