Interreg Creative@Hubs announces the winners of the Open Innovation Contest

The Interreg Creative@Hubs Cross-Border Open Innovation Contest for business ideas and proposals in the field of Cultural & Creative Industries, was concluded with the announcement of the awards.

The winner are:

1. Agri-food Thematic Section

  • 1st prize Pantelis Milonas
  • 2nd prize Spyros Lazaropoulos
  • 3rd prize Natalie La Torre

2. Crafts / Visual-Artistic creations / Performing Arts Thematic Section

  • 1st prize Giuseppe Rinelli 

3. Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage Thematic Section

  • 1st prize Paris Laliotis
  • 2nd prize Konstantinos Ragias
  • 3rd prize Traces KOINSEP

The results are posted on the project platform:

The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, 3 February 2023 (11:00-13:00) at the premises of the Region of Western Greece – Regional Council Hall (N.E.O. Patron-Athinon 32 & Amerikis, Patras).

The ceremony will be broadcasted with live streaming via the zoom page.

The Open Innovation Contest, launched from 22 November to 20 December 2022, had the opportunity to creators, artists, organizations and companies in the field of Cultural & Creative Industries (CCIs) to submit the innovative business ideas to the open innovation platform of the Regional Development Fund of the Western Greece Region.

The awards, briefly, include the organization and implementation of a mentoring program, the development of promotional materials and the participation of the winners in an exhibition or other event of the creative sector in the programme cooperation area or the networking of the awarded group with another creative hub in the context of the project.

In addition, the Region of Western Greece will undertake the participation (travel expenses) of Mr. Paris Laliotis (proposal with the highest absolute score) in an exhibition of the creative sector in an area outside the cooperation area of the program.