Interreg Creative@hubs: the Chamber of Achaia organized 3 workshops for funding & marketing

The Chamber of Achaia organized in December 2022 3 workshops for the training of the local creative and cultural industries, within Creative@Hubs project. The 12th seminar was held on 7 December 2022, at the Events Hall of the Chamber of Achaia, Aigio Branch (Elikis 24, Aigio) entitled “Sources of funding for businesses, associations and organizations cultural and creative sector”, with 26 attendees. The 2 keynote speakers, Mr. Andreas Tsiliras & Mr. George Sarlis focused on the european funding opportunities for the creative and cultural sector, including the funding programs, in the cultural and creative sector, in which they can apply for.

On 14 December 14 2022, Mr. Filippos Kefalopoulos, Strategic Marketing Consultant held the workshop on “Creative Marketing, Strategic Marketing for Creative Businesses” at the Mosaic Hub in Patras, with the participation of 8 people. During the seminar, two very interesting videos were shown in order to teach the audience how the right marketing can bring positive results. On 16 December 2022, 10 participants took part in the workshop “Digital Marketing in Creative Industries” in Patras with Mr. Giannis Atlanopoulos, Digital Marketing Professional. He mentioned the importance of Digital Marketing in starting or developing a successful business. After explaining the concept of Digital Marketing, he mentioned in deep the reasons why the digital marketing should be used, the ways to reach better results. Thus, each company through statistics understands which sub-unit brings positive results and follows the respective strategy.

The organization of workshop have the final aim to contribute to the local economic development of cultural and creative businesses, that often lack of significant skills on entrepreneurship, economic knowhow related to the innovative business models.