Interreg Jump: music and art unite Putignano, Conversano and Corfu

The performances of the young musicians took place respectively at the Laboratorio Urbano I MAKE in Putignano on 12 June and at the Laboratorio Urbano LABottega in Conversano on 13 June. The initiative is part of the “JUMP – Joint Urban Measures for creative Players” project, led by the Municipality of Putignano. The project is one of the actions to valorise the disused urban sites through the creative industry, developing a management model already tested in Italy and which will be transferred as good practice to Greek partners in Corfu. Specifically, the objective is to identify unused urban that will be transformed into cultural centres for artistic and cultural performances.

They performed an unpublished piece by the internationally renowned composer Silvestro Sabatelli. A piece that evoked the colours, sounds and silences of Puglia, with a focus on tradition, drawing inspiration from ancient and modern texts composed by Apulian poets.

The students of the Music and Concert Masterclass performed on 12 and 13 June in an exciting musical performance that was the result of four-day training course held at the Laboratorio Urbano I MAKE in Putignano. The lessons were held by three professional experts in the field: Vito Amatulli, Professor of Violoncello; Donato Fumarola, Professor of Piano and Jazz Music; Piero Notarnicola, Professor of Percussion.