Interreg Mobilab: a mobile analysis laboratory for the improvement of quality dairy products

On March 28, 2019, (h 9.30-13.00), the third MobiLab meeting took place at the Biblioteca de Gemmis of Città Metropolitana of Bari, in order to present the preliminary project results.
Mobilab project aims to improve the quality and safety of the sheep and goat productions, with a particular regard to milk and dairy products. The project focuses on the performance of technical and sanitary assistance to the sheep and goat farmers through an innovative approach, that is the presence of a mobile laboratory for in-farm analyses of milk and animals.

Mobilab is the result of the joint collaboration between Greek partners (Hellenic Agriculture organisation Demeter, the Region of Ionian Islands), with University of Bari, Department of Veterinary Medicine, and Città Metropolitana of Bari.

The mobile laboratory is a totally equipped van for laboratory tests that reaches the small ruminant farms of Puglia and Region of Ionian Islands and provides microbiological analyses for milk and animals. This mobile service will provide technical assistance also to the farms that, for logistic reasons, don’t benefit of specialized laboratories.


Thanks to the veterinarians assistance, the quality of sheep and goat milk and dairy products will be more safe and the value of local products will increase.