Interreg Muse project: grand opening of the new premises of Avamposto Mare at Tricase

The new premises of Avamposto Mare, the peripheral seat of Ciheam Bari, was inaugurated on June 28 at Tricase Porto Lecce. The Avamposto Mare was renovated thanks to the EU funds of Interreg Muse project, funded under the Interreg Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020.

190 square meters entirely renovated for a total investment of €282,300 European funds to create a permanent cultural center of maritime traditions, fully furnished and overlooking the sea, where it will be possible to organize cultural initiatives, conferences, workshops and hands-on activities for tourists who wish to live an authentic sea culture experience, and training courses.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony  took place with the participation of Bernardo Notarangelo, Director of Coordination of International Policies of Puglia Region, Luca Maestripieri, Director of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Maurizio Raeli, Director of CIHEAM Bari, Cristiana Mele, Deputy Head of the Multilateral Unit of the Directorate General of Development Cooperation, Lorena Pullumbi, Head of Cabinet of the Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Carlo Chiuri, Mayor of Tricase. A day rich of emotions and a celebration of European Territorial Cooperation and the Italian Development Cooperation that work together to promote sustainable development of the Mediterranean Coastal Communities and disseminating  models and best practices across other fragile Mediterranean areas. Generating synergy between different programmes and funding sources (European Territorial Cooperation, DG Research, FEAMP) can pave the way for further developments  and allow to explore new frontiers, new territories and communities.

Muse Project is supported by a partnership bringing together the Municipality of Tricase as lead partner, CIHEAM BARI, the Municipality of Messolonghi, the Port Authority of Corfu and the European Regional Framework for Cooperation (ERFC-Greece). The next challenge will be transferring  this best practice of Tricase Port Museum to the Greek communities of Messolonghi and Corfu.