Interreg Palimpsest: Mux Art – Digital Urban Exhibition

Grand opening on Friday 30 October 30 2020, at 10.00 for Urban Museum, Mux Art – Digital Urban Exhibition, at the “Centro Polifunzionale Studenti”, first floor (Ex Palazzo Poste) – University of Bari Aldo Moro, Piazza Cesare Battisti, Bari. The Rector Stefano Bronzini and the director of the Academy of Fine Arts Giancarlo Chielli, will inaugurate the Urban Museum, which will remain open until 6 November.The event will be hosted in compliance with Anti-Covid measures.

The Urban Museum, is funded by PALIMPSEST project – Post ALphabetical Interactive Museum using Participatory, Space- Embedded, Story-Telling”.

Some historical details of the historic center of Bari was recreated in artistic installation through the exhibition MUX ART whose artistic supervisor is Mariagrazia Proietto. Three historical monuments have been chosen for the exhibition of the Urban Museum: the Statue of St. Nicholas, the Head of the Turk and the Infamous Column. In order to allow a sensory use of the story, the three elements will be reproduced in 3D in order to allow a digital artistic experience.

Special guests of the opening will be: Giuseppe Pirlo, scientific Director of the Palimpsest project for the University of Bari, Fausta Scardigno, President of the Lifelong Learning Center of the University of Bari; Carmela Sfregola and Gianfranco Gadaleta, for Joint Secretariat Greece-Italy Programme; Angela Mongelli and Fabio Manca of the Department of Education, Psychology and Communication and members of the judging commission; Raffaele Fiorella of the Academy of Fine Arts and coordinator of the exhibition; Giuseppe Capozza, Director of UMBERTO I school- San Nicola – Bari.

The event will be broadcast in live streaming, through the Youtube channel of the Palimpsest project, that will host the Greek representatives of the project: Polyxeni Mantzou, Department of Architectural Engineering Democritus University of Thrace and students of the University of Ioannina.

MUX ART exhibition will end with the award ceremony on Friday 6 November, at 11.30.

Palimpsest project is lead by Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Ioannina with the Region of Epirus on the greek side, in cooperation with Center for Lifelong Learning of the University of Bari Aldo Moro and the Province of Lecce on the Italian side. The main aim of the project is to develop – through digital technologies – an interactive museum experience, by promoting urban spaces to attract quality tourism.