Interreg Sparc: short master on gastronomy

The University of Bari and the Apulian Public Theatre launch a call to participate to the short master: “Innovative skills for communication the cultural food & wine”, financed by Sparc project – Creativity Hubs for Sustainable Development through the Valorization of Cultural Heritage Assets.

The master aims to involve the graduates in the fields of tourism, culture, food and wine, agriculture, as well as graduates who have two years of work experience as touristic guides, travel agencies, tour operators, members of touristic associations, Pro Loco, IAT, communication manager, operators in the field of food and wine products (production, transformation, administration).

The short master will be held in the University of Bari. The duration will be from 17th of February until 30th of March 2020, for a total of 30 hours divided into 10 meetings.

During the training period, there will be 3 worshops:

  • “Participating in the Puglia Promozione Co-Branding Call” with Alfredo De Liguori, scheduled at the PugliaPromozione office in Fiera del Levante, Bari;
  • “Storytelling the typical Apulian dishes: not just recipes” conducted by Antonella Scutari – Modugno, in “Ad Horeca” office
  • Workshop “Enhancing the product in its territorial implications: the red onion of Acquaviva” – Vito Abrusci – office of the Consortium for the promotion, protection and enhancement of the Red Onion of Acquaviva delle Fonti.

Applicants can send an email with the CV to
Instruction for online registration will be sent to applicants.

The speakers:

Prof. Nicola Barbuti – Department of Humanities, University of Bari (Storytelling in cultural food and wine: sources and methodologies)

Prof. Pierluigi Passaro – Department of Economics, Management and Business Law, University of Bari Aldo Moro (Food and Wine Cultural Tourism: Building Routes, Promoting the Territory)

Katia De Luca – National Executive Generator – LegaCoop (Innovation of agricultural practices for the enhancement of tourism)

Gianfranco Ciola – Director of the GAL Alto Salento 2020 (Promoting products and paths of rural culture)

Damiano Petruzzella – CIHEAM Bari (Start-up of Business and Innovation in Agro-Business)

Nino Paparella – President of the Biol Consortium (Enhancing the quality of agro-food production through organic certification)

Roberto Petruzzelli – Actor and speech therapist (Oral communication techniques)

Alfredo De Liguori – Puglia Promozione (‘Participating in the Puglia Promozione Co-Branding Call “Laboratory and Educational”)

Antonella Scutari – Didactic Manager Ad Horeca (‘Telling the typical Apulian dishes: not just recipes “Laboratory and Educational”)

Vito Abrusci – President of the Acquaviva Red Onion Consortium (Enhancing the product in its territorial implications: the red onion of Acquaviva ‘Laboratory and Educational’)

The project aims to valorize the cultural and natural heritage of Puglia and Greece and to strengthen the sustainable tourism economy in Puglia, by supporting the regional Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI).