Interreg Sparc: video installation by Valentina Vetturi

La carta ricorda, the papier-mâché: bowels, secrets and voices is the video installation by the artist Valentina Vetturi that will be host from 10th June to 26th November 2021 in the Castromediano Museum In Lecce.

The real and immersive artistic video is a real tool able to test memory and practices, techniques and visions concerning the early rhythms of the labs and the artisans involved in the master papier-mâché makers in Putignano (Puglia). The entire narrative aims to discover the mysteries and specificities of the carta (papier-mâché), a real space of continuous reinvention of shapes, colors and above all memories, which will relive in a space full of echoes, the Castromediano Museum, which has in its collection, among other works, some by papier-mâché masters of the Baroque period, in line with an ancient tradition of the city and of the whole Salento.

The work was conceived by the artist in the frame of the SPARC project which aims to give value to some cultural and touristic asset through the enhancement of the skills of cultural and creative industries.

It is possible to see the video installation by writing to the e-mail address

Another event will be held on 22nd July at 7:00 PM, in the Castromediano Museum, with the participation of the artist, Silvia Lucchesi, festival director of Lo schermo dell’arte and Caterina Riva, director of Macte of Termoli.

«Throughout a year – Valentina Vetturi tells us – I have been frequenting these spaces and talking to their inhabitants seeking an answer to the question that firstly I asked myself: How is it possible to describe such overexposed context? I have chosen to focus my listening and gaze on papier-mâché in order to describe the different labs as they were one, thus nullifying the competitive spirit that characterizes the carnival parade».

«Carnival Workshops and their parades – Valentina Vetturi continues – have been illustrated many times through videos and photos, so I wondered how to find a fresh look at this world.

As a consequence, I have decided to approach to the papier-mâché, the absolute protagonist of these workshops and to explain its bowels, secrets and voices. Another essential choice was to narrate the labs as if they were one. Neither floats nor faces can be seen, so the logic of the carnival, which is actually a very felt competition, is overturned»