Interreg V – A Greece -Italy Programme: 187 project proposals passed successfully the 1st phase of administrative and eligible evaluation

187 proposals, on a total of 349 submitted projects, passed successfully the 1st phase of administrative and eligible evaluation, related to the first call for ordinary projects of Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme 2014 – 2020.

The Monitoring Commitee of Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme approved the results of the first phase of administrative and eligibility check. Only these projects will be subjected to quality assessment phase

Following an overview of the eligible project proposals divided into 3 Programme Priority Axes:


Priority Axis Eligible Project Proposals Specific Objective Eligible Project Proposals per Specific Objective

1. Innovation & Competitiveness

64 1.1 Delivering innovation support services and developing clusters across borders to foster competitiveness 38
1.2 Supporting the incubation of innovative specialized micro and small enterprises in thematic sectors of interest to the Programme Area 26

2. Integrated Environmental


  2.1 Valorisation of cultural heritage and natural resources as a territorial asset of the Programme Area 68
2.2 Improvement of joint management and governance plans for biodiversity of coastal and rural ecosystems, paying attention on natural resources and protected areas and development of environmental protection measures 20
2.3 Developing and testing of innovative technologies/ tools to reduce marine and air pollution 18



3.Multimodal Sustainable Transport System

17 3.1 Boosting maritime transport, shortsea shipping capacity and crossborder ferry connectivity 6
3.2 Improving cross-border coordination among transport stakeholders on introducing multimodal environmentallyfriendly solutions 11
Totale Eligible Project Proposals 187

162 projects proposals were rejected as they did not satisfy the administrative and eligibility criteria. The Joint Secretariat, in accordance with the decision of Monitoring Committee Members and with the Managing Authority, has already sent formal notice only to the Lead Beneficiaries of the projects not admitted to the second phase of the evaluation.

The administrative results will be updated, after the closure of the Complaints procedure.