Launch of the sixth targeted call for strategic project proposals

The sixth targeted call for strategic project proposal has been launched.

The call is opened for the Priority Axis 2 Integrated Environmental Management, with the aim to improve a joint management and governance plans for biodiversity of coastal and rural ecosystems between Greece and Italy, paying attention on natural resources and environmental protection measures.

The total available budget for the 6th targeted call is 4.500.000,00 €.

The project proposal must be electronically submitted into the MIS, by the date of the Registration of the Call document (Reference Number-start date) and for 30 calendar days, until the 24:00 Italian time at the latest.

Eligible Partnerships are:

Lead Beneficiary Agency for Eco sustainable Development Territory of the Puglia Region (ASSET)

Beneficiary 2 Puglia Region – Civil Protection Section

Beneficiary 3 Western Greece Region
Beneficiary 4 Epirus Region
Beneficiary 5 Ionian Islands Region

Under this call, the program aims to address specific needs of the eligible cross-border area and more specifically to respond to the necessity to protect on marine, coastal and maritime issues and the biodiversity. Increasing the resilience of EU infrastructure, ecosystems and societies is an essential element for the prevention of pollution, disasters and calamities.