NeTT Project: Final Conference 27 november 2020

The final results of the project Nett will be presented during a final conference scheduled for 27.11 at 11 am live on the FB page of the Projects of Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, lead partner of the project.

During the last 2 years, despite the pandemic situation, the project carried on with the activities: four new theatrical productions were realized by the two Greek theaters, the Municipal and Regional Theater of Corfu and the Municipal and Regional Theater of Patras and by two Apulian companies involved in the project activities: Koreja Theater of Lecce and La Luna nel Letto and “Tra il Dire e il Fare” association.

Four showcases, two international festivals in Ruvo and Lecce, and two in Greece were held online; round table, co-promotion and fundraising workshops were organized with the final aim to develop sustainable tourism, favoring the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage.

Petruzzelli Opera Symphony Foundation has developed a digital management platform to support and implement all project activities; the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia technically supported and coordinated the activities of the two Greek partners in order to better connect them to the tourist economic fabric.

The Chamber of Commerce of Achaia will also present a final guide that deals with the development of theater in Puglia and in Greece for the next years.