Reduce – recycle – reuse: final event in Lecce of Circle-In Project

The final press conference of Circle-In project “Promoting Circular Economy Investments and Policies in the cross-border area of Greece- Italy” will be held on 27 February in Lecce (10.30).

The project promotes sustainable economic growth paths in the Ionian-Adriatic Macroregion area in line with the principles of the circular economy and through the implementation of pilot actions in terms of technological entrepreneurship. During the conference there will be presented the main project results and there will be the grand opening of an information point located in Aldo Romano building, past founder of the Laboratory of Management Engineering. The Rector of University of Salento, Fabio Pollice will open the works. For the Chamber of Commerce of Ioannina, the President Dimitrou Dimitrios will give his welcome speech online.

Press Conference Agenda

Pasquale del Vecchio, Project Manager of Circle-In,  and co-writer of the scientific publication “Technological entrepreneurship & circular economy” said that: “Circle-In’s main message has been to reconcile economic growth, well-being and sustainability. This has been the great challenge of economic research. Special guest will be Alessandro Delli Noci, Regional Councillor for Economic Development and Giuseppe Rubino, manager for international policies of Puglia Region. The Joint Secretariat will be represented by Gianfranco Gadaleta, JS Coordinator, the project officer Chrysa Pierri and communication officer Carmela Sfregola.

The field of circular economy is transversal to many of the sustainable growth goals identified by the United Nations in the program of the “17 Sustainable Development Goals” for the 2030.

Professor Passiante scientific manager of the Engineering Laboratory reckons that ” The Circle-In project has promoted a culture conducive to the transition from a linear to a circular economy: a transformation that involves both products and service innovation processes offered, business processes, marketing strategies and the whole organization”. The conference will be closed by the speeches of Giancarlo Negro, President of Confindustria Lecce, and Grazia Barberio responsible of Icesp (Italian Circular Economy Stakeholders Platform), an ecosystem based on a digital platform for the circular economy.

The team of Circlein selected some best practices as “Circular Entrepreneurs”: Alvi System and In.Presa.

The project partnership involves the Chambers of Commerce of Ioannina, the project leader, and Chamber of Commerce of Lefkada for Greece; for Puglia, the Chamber of Commerce of Foggia and the University of Salento. The University of Salento takes part in the project with the Laboratory of Management Engineering of the Department of Innovation Engineering.