Interreg CoofHea in Greece: “a true relief” for the Hospitals

“A true relief”: this is the sentence that summarizes the results of Interreg Coofhea in Greece. We have interviewed some representatives of two involved beneficiaries – Ioannis Georgiadis and Konstantina Barkoula from the Hospital of Saint Andrew, and Maria Malliou from the Hospital of Ilia – asking them which benefits their hospitals have received from

Interreg CoofHea tests an innovative clinical remote assistance between Greece and Italy

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically highlighted the organizational and management weakness within the various healthcare systems, urging National and Regional authorities to intervene with innovative technological solutions that could guarantee a minimum of support to traditional hospitals and general medicine healthcare system. In parallel, the difficulties reported by most of the patients (especially

COOfHea project: a study for efficient therapies against the Covid-19

How do people react to Covid-19 infection? The CoofHea project has produced a research in cooperation with the University of Bari Aldo Moro with the aim of identify some molecular mechanisms that can be exploited for the development of innovative and more efficient therapies against the Covid-19 or other viral infections. Puglia Region entrusted this

Interreg COOfHea: an ambitious research to fight the virus

Territorial cooperation and pandemic: Greece and Italy fight the virus with research and join an international research network on COVID-19 An ambitious research project to study the correlation between the genetic profile of a person and his response to Covid19 infection: this is the ambitious challenge of the project “COOFHEA – COOperation For HEAlth” funded